Corporate & Strategic Advisory

Dynamic operational environments, impact business strategies. We work with clients to engage and shape their government relations, public policy and business support activities in India, contributing to their bottom line. We develop and execute plans around new opportunities and help business expansion.

We provide relevant insights on key areas of public policy, legal strategy, the investment ecosystem, and strategic communications with a goal to maximize stakeholder value. Our advisory approach is rooted in ground realities, data insights, and evidence. Our ear-to-the-ground approach and interdisciplinary experience helps us anticipate challenges that are critical to successful corporate strategy. Our team understands strategic growth imperatives and provides thoughtful and objective guidance for companies to achieve their goals.

Public Policy – Federal & State

We work closely with the policy ecosystem at the federal level and across the states of India, bringing together perspectives and engaging with stakeholders.

The team brings an understanding of the legislative, and policy ecosystem across sectors in the country, and goes the extra mile to provide relevant cultural and an on-ground perspective, having lived and worked across states in India.

We brainstorm with our clients to ideate policy options, crystalize policy asks, and work on providing a 360 degree perspective on issues. This includes using an evidence-based mechanism to support arguments, an engagement with a range of stakeholders within the complex policy ecosystem of India and working with clients to develop the right partnerships that resolve issues.

Our strong relationships with key Industry Bodies, Associations, and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) allows us to undertake a multi-pronged approach to policy advocacy.

Government & Regulatory Affairs

Working closely with clients, we strengthen their understanding of emerging government policy, legal and regulatory nuances. We equip them with the tools to engage and comply more efficiently.

We believe that no solution is isolated in nature, and government engagement requires a multi-dimensional and multi-stakeholder approach. The team’s on-ground experience helps anticipate challenges within the government and regulatory ecosystem, working with clients to manage advocacy responses.

We have worked on designing and executing comprehensive advocacy plans to engage with relevant government stakeholders – both primary, and secondary – covering sectors such as healthcare, technology, infrastructure, food & beverages, and the environment.

Crisis Avoidance & Management

We equip leadership with advisory and information. We anticipate emerging issues, map potential crisis situations and develop effective risk mitigation strategies for execution.

Our on-ground experiences and network help us anticipate key challenges, allowing us to provide clients with relevant insights. Effective risk mitigation requires a multi-pronged approach involving communication tools, legal, policy, and legislative strategies to achieve results - the experience of our team across these areas helps us provide a unique proposition to clients.

We have worked with leading brands from across the world to develop integrated communications campaigns with an eye on policy and business, working with them to manage and anticipate crisis situations.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Our team has in-depth experiences within the policy, business, and operations ecosystem. We understand that partnerships are key across the business cycle – market entry, expansion, and consolidation. Our understanding of client businesses’ helps us support their growth and nurture the right partnerships and collaborations to develop win-win solutions.

We have taken new ideas to policy makers at the federal and state level. We specialise in multi stakeholder collaborations, including bringing together lateral organisations, implementation partners, civil society groups, industry bodies – implementing effective business models and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) – we have done it across several states.

In terms of Business Support, we have helped clients develop approaches and trouble shoot (where necessary), on government led projects.

Our experiences coupled with an understanding that effective solutions require a holistic approach, helps us while developing strategic and long-term partnerships/ engagements with stakeholders.

Strategic Communications

Effective communication is critical to core business strategy. We support our clients by building positive voice coalitions, crafting narrative, building platforms and working with select media to ensure they are heard across stakeholder groups.

We leverage our sectoral expertise and multidisciplinary experiences, along with our in-house research skills, and a broad network of relationships to develop the right communication solutions. We understand that communication for businesses’ requires a holistic approach today given the multitude of stakeholder groups. We have helped companies develop integrated communications campaigns focused on relevant stakeholder groups including policy, industry, media, and opinion leaders to achieve results.

Research & Analysis

While timely information is critical to leadership, we analyse developments and keep clients abreast of policy, regulatory and market changes. We map and track stakeholders, assess landscapes, analyse trends, and where necessary work with market research agencies for ground level and strategic feedback.

Our team believes in evidence-based policy advocacy, and we base our efforts on strong arguments, which are thoroughly researched and backed by credible sources. We work with our clients to ensure that all aspects of policy advocacy are rooted in evidence, drawn from both national and international relevance.

We have delivered policy assignments blending primary and secondary research, ensuring that the final product is rooted in facts and goes beyond simple data analysis.

International Markets

We help Indian companies navigate tricky cultural, work style, language, policy and regulatory differences that are bound to exist while traversing from the districts of India to global markets and vice versa.

Our exposure of living and working across the globe allows us to bring the right perspective to the table ensuring recognition of cultural nuances. We serve as advocates , facilitate discussions and eliminating bias to ensure effective business partnerships.

The complex cultures of Asia, India, Europe, the MENA region, North & Latin America can be daunting. We ensure that international businesses understand the value of each, including India, as a critical market, while providing a dispassionate perspective on business opportunities.

Our understanding of the business environment and engagement network across multilateral corridors allows us to bring a fresh perspective which strikes the right balance between international and on-ground approaches.

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