About Us

Who we are

BSAG Consulting is a New Delhi, headquartered advisory firm supporting clients at both the federal and state level across India. Founded in 2019, we already represent several marque clients, boast of a core team of seasoned professionals & sectoral experts, and are privileged to have an illustrious multi-disciplinary panel of Indian and international advisors. We have a network of regional resources in place, that can quickly engage with virtually every State and Union Territory in the country.

BSAG is the India representative of McLarty Associates. The BSAG-McLarty Associates strategic partnership brings together on-the-ground expertise in India with McLarty’s global reach. McLarty Associates is a Washington DC based private sector diplomacy firm that has helped over 300 clients navigate the complexities of international markets and manage government and policy issues in over 112 countries around the world since 1998. The team includes former ambassadors, trade negotiators, White House officials, journalists, intelligence officers, business leaders, and scholars.

What we do

BSAG draws on the strength of its network of former architects of policy, thought leaders, and subject matter experts, across domains, to help clients overcome challenges as well as create and pursue opportunities. Working in coalitions and partnerships, we specialise in high-quality tailored services and execute projects, that require handling by experienced and seasoned professionals, flawlessly.

We understand the challenges that businesses and leadership face. We understand that multi-dimensional challenges require unique and cohesive responses. We walk the extra mile to deliver both globally and in India.

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